About us

Who we are?

MUDEM Refugee Support Centre was established in Ireland to address the challenges faced by migrants including asylum-seekers, program refugees, trafficking victims, international protection applicants and stateless persons. We are an impartial, not-for-profit association whose primary aims are to promote inclusion, diversity and equality in Ireland through raising awareness, collaborating and undertaking various projects. MUDEM also provides legal and social advice to migrants, and works to strengthen relations between Civil Society Organizations and Public Organizations working in the field.

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What We Do?

  • Organize courses, seminars, conferences and panels in which we:

    • discuss issues of human mobility
    • contribute to the research in the field
    • communicate the outcome of these discussions
    • make novel suggestions regarding the resolution of these issues
  • Hold capacity building workshops and seminars for service providers in the field

  • Organise workshops and events for the public to raise awareness

  • Promote volunteering in the field of migration

  • Conduct partnerships with other NGOs in Ireland, working in coordination with other related organizations with similar agendas

  • Produce various data, documents and publications necessary for the work of the association; creating a documentation center to circulate the findings.